November 13

Current event


Summary: 15 year Oklahoman went to the nail salon for the first time and returned with huge blisters all over her fingers. Health inspectors are investigating.

This effects me as well as a lot of people in the world because a lot of people go to all nail places across the world. And if health inspectors find some kind of disease it puts a lot of people at risk because of the often trips to nail salons.


October 19

Computer Rentals

An emergency meeting on February 6th will be held to vote on renting computers for the yearbook staff to use to finish the yearbooks by the deadline which is February 27th.  

The staff can’t use school computers because there was a breach in the schools system.  It is important that the yearbooks are finished in time because there is a tradition on the day the yearbooks come out called Yearbook Day.  On this day all the seniors come together and sign each other’s yearbooks.

This day is important to many people especially the seniors because it is one of their last days to be together.

“Yearbook Day is one of the highlights of senior year.” Says Reggie White a senior at Leaguetown. “Yearbook Day is more popular than prom.”

But other people think that the vote should not pass because the school just got hacked and they are on a shutdown.

“We understand the inconvenience of the shutdown, but it is necessary.”  Says Ed Robles, the district technology director.

Staff workers had already pushed the yearbook deadline back once so they cannot do it any more they need the computers.

“This year we pushed our final yearbook deadline back as far we could to add more coverage to the book.”  Says editor Alexis Zavla.

Everyone is just waiting for the outcome. “I am hoping for the best and crossing my fingers.”

September 21


1. Starting April, 22 all students at RHHS except freshmen will start having the option of an open campus lunch policy.  The policy was granted because of  “phenomenal test scores” the lunch period will be extended by 10 mins.

2. In May of 2006 Rock Hill will  be the next city to receive a Super WalMart. They usually do not build their stores less than 75 miles apart but WM thinks that because Rock Hill is a growing community it can handle another.  Some people think it is a bad idea so they will have a petition on January, 25.

3. Napoleon Dynamite is supposed to be a 6th grader but because of his genius status, Mr. George would like him to move up to highschool early. He thinks ND should start immediately so he does not waist time in middle school.

4. The survey shows that 3 to 4 die every day due to child abuse or neglect but more than half of them were under 1 years old.  79% were under 5.  this was all said the the survey done by the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Baltimore.

5. A fire on Los Gatos caused $76,000 in damages to a two bedroom house on main street, the fire was started by a cigarette on the sofa the flame was under controll in 5 mins.  The home owner was awakened by smoke and flames she suffered minor burns on her hands and feet.

September 18

Current Event


Topic- New Chevy car tells parents how well their teens are driving.

Title- Chevy Malibu reports back to parents on teens’ driving

Source- CNN News

Summary- The new Chevy Malibu could give parents of teen drivers a report of how well their drivers are doing and correct bad habits before they start. Chevy says its technology, called Teen Driver, is a first for the industry: a built-in system that tracks car data, allowing parents to view how their teen drove. The new Chevy car will be available in the late fall of 2015.

Reaction- I think that Chevy was right to make the car. According to the article the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. I personally feel like there have been to many car crashes that were started by teens. With the new technology in the cars I feel like these accidents can be reduced by a lot. This event does not really affect me because I cannot drive, but in a way it does because I ride in a car every day and who knows when a teen driver might be irresponsible and possibly cost some their lives.

World Impact- I don’t think this impacts the whole world but some places and people it does. It affects the teens because it will make them safer because their parents are monitoring. It affect the teens parents because they will know that their children are safer. Lastly it affect the Chevy company because they will get more profits because the car probably cost more than a regular Chevy car.

May 26

Book Review


The book “Swallowing Stones” by Joyce McDonald, is a book I really enjoyed reading not only because of the story line, but I enjoyed the way it was written, different from most other books I have read.


The story itself is very interesting.  It starts off at Michael’s birthday party when he gets a new gun.  He is showing it off to his friends and shoots it up into the air, little does he know that he actually killed someone.  Or did he?  Cops find someone that possibly shot the gun at the same time.


Jenna on the other hand is outside with her father fixing the hole in the roof when out of nowhere a bullet comes and kills her father.


The part of the book that makes me like it is how   it has the two main characters, Jenna, and Michael, who don’t know each other, and all the way through the book they have separate chapters talking about their own lives and problems until the last chapter when they meet for the first time.  Which that is the only part of the book I do not like, because it never really shows them talking.


DId Michael really shoot Mr. Ward, or was he worried for nothing?  Read the book to find out.